Mike Flores

VP of Operations   • hired January 2009

Ext: 5815
Direct: 801-931-5815
Fax: 801-931-5865


As VP of Operations at KTS I lead our company with strong principles in teambuilding and recognition. I am supported by an outstanding transportation team with countless year of experience. Whether you are driving a tractor or dispatching a load, every KTSemployee plays a key role in our successes. Our core philosophy is building strong partnerships with our Customers by understanding their logistical challenges and delivering solutions that count. At Kelle’s Transport, Customer Service is not a department, Its everyone’s job.   

I have 25+ years in Transportation and Logistics and a firm believer that: “Success without Integrity is Failure”…



Julie Simon

Julie Simon

payroll • accounts payable • collections • benefits/human resources • hired May 2002

Ext: 5802
Direct: 801-931-5802
Fax: 801-931-5852


Julie has been working for KTS since 2003. She does payroll, settlements, health insurance, payables and receivables. She enjoys working at KTS in part because she thinks that it has some of the best employees in the industry. She is also married to its founder and president.



Chasade Simon

Chasade Simon

billing manager • hired January 2008

Ext: 5800
Direct: 801-931-5800
Fax: 801-931-5850


Chasade began her trucking career at just 14 years old working for Dick Simon Trucking. After Dick Simon she came to work for KTS. She has held various positions during her career in trucking, including dispatch and customer service. She currently is the billing manager at KTS.



TeJay Simon

TeJay Simon

Senior load planner • customer service • brokers freight • hired September 2002

Ext: 5803
Direct: 801-931-5803
Fax: 801-931-5853


TeJay has been in the trucking industry for almost 15 years. Like many other KTS employees, TeJay worked with Dick Simon Trucking before starting with Kelle. TeJay has been in charge of dispatch, customer service, planning and operations. He notes that every day is a new challenge and that is why he loves his job. He enjoys spending time with his 4 kids, golfing and beating up his dad.



Cindy Johnson

Cindy Johnson

 payroll  • hired August 2009

Ext: 5826
Direct: 801-931-5826
Fax: 801-931-5876


I am the accounting specialist. My duties include payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable, banking and other general accounting functions for the company. I like the challenges of the job. I graduated from BYU-Hawaii and enjoy water skiing , tennis, and sports in general. I also love family vacations and reading.



Frank Ravarino

Frank Ravarino

Customer Service  • hired August 2002

Ext: 5813
Direct: 801-931-5813
Fax: 801-931-5863


I have worked in trucking all my life. Started in family produce business. Worked at Dick Simon Trucking until Kelle started Kelle’s transport, been here ever since then. I enjoy dirt-biking, hunting, skiing, and camping. I am married and have one son

Utah state university

University of Utah



Keith Brown

Keith Brown

Service Manager • hired November 2002

Ext: 5808
Direct: 801-931-5808
Fax: 801-931-5858


Keith started for Dick Simon Trucking in 1987 working in the grease pit in the shop. He eventually moved up to become the Director of Parts and Warranty. He joined the KTS team when Kelle started his company approximately six years ago. He enjoys his job because he likes helping people. When someone has a problem his experience and expertise enables him to effectively solve their problems.



Phil Smith

Phil Smith

Safety/Compliance  • hired March 2008

Ext: 5811
Direct: 801-931-5811
Fax: 801-931-5861


I have worked in the compliance side of trucking for 20 + years. It is a pleasure and privilege to be a part of Kelle’s Transport. Kelle provides state of the art tractors/trailers, electronic communications and tracking capabilities. These resources make it possible to achieve our goal to “RUN LEAGAL RUN SAFE”. Interests – Motor Sports and supporting grand children’s activities



Brian Eves

Brian Eves

shop technician • hired January 2003


Brian has worked for Kelle’s Transport and Dick Simon Trucking for most of his adult life. He began his trucking career working for CR England and Sapp Brothers, but in 1996 he transferred over to Dick Simon Trucking. He started as a service technician and at the end of his time there was a lead man. In 2003 he decided to come and work for Kelle’s Transport. He has always liked working for the Simon’s because they really treat their employees well.



Deanna Fullmer

Deanna Fullmer

 EDI/ office assistant  • hired February 2010

Ext: 5814
Direct: 801-931-5814


My job at KTS is to take care of the EDI’s and make sure all the carriers insurance are up to date. Hobbies are golfing and camping. I have 4 kids and 6 grandkids




Judy Buis

Customer service support  • hired October 2010

Ext: 5806
Direct: 801-931-5806
Fax: 801-931-5856

I have been in the Transportation industry for 32 years and would not change a thing, I enjoy singing dancing and being outdoors

My Grandchildren are my world I love spending time with them every chance I get



Hollie Cutis

Dispatch hired August 2010

Ext: 5816
Direct: 801-931-5816
Fax: 801-931-5866


I started in the transportation field 12 years ago from Recruiting to different areas in operations/ safety, working with drivers/ owner operators/ customers, in dedicated reefer/van, autohaul.  I enjoy the diversity of this profession  and everyday no matter how long u have been in this industry you are always learning something new, especially how the technology is growing to better serve drivers as well as customers. I have only been with Kelle’s Transport  less than a year and I am glad to be apart of their family. One thing I have learned that no matter  the size of the company, and your efforts to succeed.  We all  must work as a team in this industry. And Kelle’s does just that.


Adam Sessions

East Coast Planner  hired 

Ext: 5822
Direct: 801-931-5822
Fax: 801-931-5872

I have been in the Transportation Industry for over 14 years now. I have done everything from Customer Service, to Sales, and Planning. I have worked at Kelle’s Transport since FEB  of 2013 and get along great with everyone here in the office.  Kelle’s Transport is a great company to work for and I look forward to many more years working for Kelle.


Brandon Mitchener

CA Planner  hired 

Ext: 5821
Direct: 801-931-5821
Fax: 801-931-5871

I’m 38 years old and I have been in trucking for 19 years. I started driving when I was 19 and ran flatbed for the next 6 years. I then started running reefers in 2000 and was an OTR driver for 2 years, I then went into dispatch and managed a local fleet for another 2 years and went onto managing OTR drivers and then ran a specialized produce and LTL fleet with my previous company.

I enjoy music, baseball, and cars..


Tom Jones

Night Dispatch• hired 

Ext: 5810
Direct: 801-931-5810
Fax: 801-975-8080

Im a grandpa and love every minute of it, try to spend as much time with them all as I can I have 8 grand kids. I  also play the guitar and love the out doors try and get with the family as much as possible. I like my job and the company that has given me the opportunity to work for them. And the people that I work with are great and good to work with.


Ken Hammerschmidt

Recruiting Manager• hired  

Ext: 5804
Direct: 801-931-5804
Fax: 801-931-5854

I have worked in the transportation industry for the past 21 years, both as driver and in recruiting.  One thing that I do understand is how hard a driver has to work and the sacrifices he to makes so he can make a living for his family.  As a recruiter I know the value of being honest with prospective driver for KTS.  I won’t make promises that I can’t keep, “you may not like what I may say, but it will be the truth”.


Jason Fishback

Dispatch hired

Ext: 5820
Direct: 801-931-5820
Fax: 801-931-5870

Jason began his career in the transportation industry 15 years ago working for Dick Simon Trucking.  He has held various positions in the transportation industry from including dispatching, load planning, as well as being an operations manager for a trailer relocation company.  He is a “CTP” Certified Transportation Professional through the National Private Truck Council.  He enjoys spending time with his kids and long walks on the beach.


Rhonda Wilson

Dispatch hired

Ext: 5807
Direct: 801-931-5807
Fax: 801-931-5857

I have 30yrs in the trucking industry. I  drove for 10 years. I have been working at  KTS since March 2013 as a DM. When im not working at KTS I Love camping, fishing, and bartending   


Wayne Peters

Weekend Dispatch Manager  hired

Ext: 5810
Direct: 801-931-5810
Fax: 801-931-5860

Wayne has been in the trucking industry for over 17 years.  He also started with Dick Simon Trucking before coming to Kelle’s Transport.  Wayne is the Weekend Manager and handles a little bit of everything on the weekends.  On his days off he enjoys spending time with his daughter and doing outdoor activities.


Alicia Frear

Recruiting • hired  

Ext: 5819
Direct: 801-931-5819
Fax: 801-931-5869

I have been in transportation since 2004.  I started out as an over the road driver, then went local for a moving company. I have been over the road for Kelle and also worked at a driving school helping individuals achieve their goals at becoming truck drivers. I currently work in the recruiting department for Kelle’s Transport and love doing what I do. I love to meet new people and talk on the phone and do whatever I can to help kelle’s Transport recruit good drivers. I love the fact that Kelle’s is not a huge company and that everyone here knows you by name. Your not just a number at kelle’s Transport. We all work together as  a team here and all get along great. If your looking for an over the road driving job, and want a great company to work for, then I would recommend Kelle’s Transport.  When I’m not recruiting, I like to spend time with my husband and our son.


Justin Kelsch

NW Planner  hired 

Ext: 5817
Direct: 801-931-5817
Fax: 801-931-5867

I Have been in Transportation for 12 years in various rolls from weekend Dispatcher , Account Manger, Driver Manager and Planner. I am currently Planning the NW now. In my free time I hang out with my kids and we like to hike and go camping



When asked what the secret to his success is, Kelle comments,

"Treat your employees like they are your customers."



Dick Simon Trucking, Inc., where Kelle and so many of his employees got their start, was started by Kelle's father, Dick Simon in 1972. What began as a one-man route in 1963, grew to more than 2350 tractors, 3300 reefer trailers, and 2400 drivers. A market cap of $356 million in 2002. Kelle Simon has duplicated his father's success and for all the same reasons. When he started, all he wanted to be was a driver. As he added drivers he expanded his business into one of the fastest growing and most reliable in the industry.